HPS Group, LLC is a solution-oriented health policy and public affairs company.

Our speciality is strategic counsel that integrates the perspectives of Congress, the Executive Branch, third parties, and the media. The company philosophy is "Think. Plan. Act."

That’s how we approach every assignment at HPS Group, where we draw on our unique range of professional experience to provide the thoughtful analysis and planning that lead to effective health policy solutions for our clients’ strategic, policy, marketing and communications problems.

HPS Group, LLC was formed by Steven A. Grossman in January, 2001 to meet a need for a strategically-oriented health policy and public affairs company that is equally adept with outreach to Congress, the Executive Branch, professional, patient and consumer groups, and the media.

HPS Group LLC provides a full range of policy, management and issue oriented services:

  • Policy Development and Analysis

  • Coalition Development

  • Facilitation and Training

  • Scientific and Regulatory Communications

  • Washington Representation and Lobbying

  • Strategic Business and Communications Planning

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