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Our clients call upon us to:

Analyze. Formulate. Write. Facilitate processes and groups. Counsel. Communicate scientific and medical information. Lobby. Create networks of allies. Develop programs. Build coalitions. Do whatever it takes to create answers that work.

Today, health policy and regulatory issues can affect the ability of any business or organization to achieve its goals, fulfill its mission, or maintain its well being in the face of serious barriers.

Clients bring us many types of problems and opportunities:

  • An industrial manufacturer facing unsupported product-related health and safety allegations needs a coordinated public affairs/public relations outreach campaign.

  • A professional association wants legislative changes to revise Medicare reimbursement policy.

  • A new health industry coalition needs ongoing support to develop its mission and for its members to learn to work together in their advocacy before Congress and the Executive branch.

  • A pharmaceutical company must prepare for a critical FDA regulatory meeting and for an advisory committee. Together, these meetings will decide the fate of the companyís product.

  • A non-profit health association wants to develop a strategic plan to achieve its short- and long-term goals.

  • The sales force of a drug maker needs training in the intricacies of Medicaid to help improve the position of the companyís products in this complex Federal/State program.

  • A new non-profit organization wants strategic guidance and Washington outreach to gain support for its novel information technology solution that meets an important national health system need.

Clients come from every segment of health, including professional associations, patient advocacy organizations, foundations, and corporations.

We work hard for our clients every day, providing insightful analysis and planning. We create effective solutions to their strategic, policy, marketing, public affairs, and communications problems.

Every project benefits from Mr. Grossmanís direct involvement, while his network of strategic, management and creative talent provides resources for building multi-disciplined teams when needed to achieve a clientís goals.

Projects can be large or small, quick turnaround or long-term. We work equally well with clients who recognize the value of ongoing relationships and clients who need our services for a one-time project.